Science & Society
October 5-7, 2018, Berlin

A PhDNet organised interdisciplinary conference from the Max Planck Society aimed at
exploring the intersections between science and society.


"Visions in Science" is the annual interdisciplinary Scientific Event organized by members of the Max Planck PhDnet, the communication network for PhD Students of the Max Planck Society. The conference is open to all Junior Scientists of the Max Planck Society, as well as of other university and non-university institutions.

Our aim is to foster exchange, collaboration and inspiration and encourage visionary thinking, which is essential for ground-breaking research. By inviting leading scientists and innovative companies, we create a stimulating atmosphere where young researchers can network, discuss their visionary ideas and start a dialogue about the future of science.

We identify "Visions" as a deep source of motivation which can trigger inspiration and change. "Visions in Science" is a conference which provides room to think beyond our individual scientific expertise by supporting cross-disciplinary exchange. It is an opportunity to connect curious minds that care about the future, to promote mutual understand and to allow new visions to emerge.

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Science and Society

The 2018 Visions In Science conference will have a special focus on the interplay between science and society. The recent political outlook towards science is becoming increasingly hostile. The growing skepticism among the general populace towards science is equally worrying. With the veracity of well proven scientific facts and methods being questioned, it is of paramount importance that we initiate dialogue among the scientific community.

We, the doctoral researchers at the Max Plank Society, believe that the solution lies in open communication and bridging the divide between science and society. It is only by sharing knowledge and new perspectives can we change the way society percieves science. It is necessary that we look inwards and promote objective, unbiased critical thinking among the scientific community and subsequently the general public. It is with this intent that we are organizing a conference that brings together leading scientists from diverse fields and seeks answers and possible solutions to remedy the current situation.

In this conference, we aim to present science in a way that is accessible to not just relevant experts but to a broader audience from diverse backgrounds, in a way that it facilitates dialogue. We additionally intend to explore how despite the wide-ranging nature of today's scientific research, all forms of science affect society in direct and indirect ways.


A panel discussion in Visions 17


We are in the process of finalizing our speakers.


We are in the process of finalizing our program !


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The Harnack House is located in the center of the “German Oxford” in Berlin, which is characterized by excellent scientific institutions. Established in 1929 as guest house and conference venue of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society in Berlin-Dahlem, it distinguished itself, particularly in the early years, quickly as an international scientific club. It hosted prominent scientists, artists, politicians and industrialists and was place of important political and public events. After its return to the Max Planck Society through the U.S. armed forces, that used the house as an officer’s mess until 1994, it is since 2000 the conference venue of the Max Planck Society.


Harnack Haus Hahn Lecture Hall
Photo Credit: Amac Garbe


Harnack Haus Terrace
Photo Credit: Gesine Born



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