29.09.2017 - 01.10.2017

Harnack-Haus, Berlin


  1. When will ViS 2017 take place?

    ViS 2017 is a 3 day conference and will take place between September 29th and October 1st 2017.
  2. Where will ViS 2017 be held?

    ViS 2017 will be hosted at the Harnack Haus in Berlin. The address is Ihnestr. 16-20 14195 Berlin. See more info here
  3. How do I get to and from the venue?

    You can access the venue by U-Bahn: U3, Freie Universität (Thielplatz), car, bike and taxi. For information on how to get there from Berlin's airports and main station, please see here



  1. Will there be access to electricity for charging my phone or laptop?

    Electrical outlets, freely available to charge your electronic equipment, are located close to every seat in the lecture hall.
  2. Where can I find the schedule?

    The schedule can be downloaded here. It will also be included in the welcome package that you receive upon arrival at the conference.
  3. Will there be free WiFi at the Harnack Haus?

    Yes there will be WIFI accessible via eduroam (login with your MPI/University credentials)
  4. Will food and drinks be served at the ViS 2017 conference?

    Lunch, dinner, pastries, coffee and soft drinks will be provided during the conference.



  1. When is the last possible time to purchase my ticket online?
    Ticket sale for the Career Fair will close on the 28.09.17 at 09:00 AM. Ticket Sale for the Conference will close on the 11.09.17 at 09:00 AM.
  2. How can I pay for my ticket?
    ViS 2017 makes use of the registration manager services from doo GmbH for the ticket registration. Payment processing will be done later via the general administration of the Max Planck Society. If you are not affiliated with the Max Planck Society, payment instructions will follow soon after registration.
  3. Are refunds possible if I can’t attend?
    Unfortunately we can’t offer any refunds, and cancellation will only be available under special circumstances via email (visions@phdnet.de).
  4. What does the ticket include?
    The ticket for the Career Fair includes participation in the Career Fair ONLY which will take place on the 29.09.2017 from 09:00 AM until 16:00 PM. The ticket for the Conference will include participation in all conference talks and events, starting from the 29.09.2017 at 16:00 and ending on the 01.10.2017 at 17:00. Participation in the conference includes food and drinks, but does NOT include accomodations.


Travel and Accomodations

  1. Does the ticket cover travel expenses?
    ViS 2017 does not cover any travel expenses. Those should be booked by the participants separately from the event ticket.
  2. Where can I stay during the conference?
    You can book rooms in the Harnack Hause, by sending an email to info@harnackhaus-berlin.mpg.de. Alternatively, you can book rooms at the Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin which is about 20 minutes walk from the Harnack Haus. Accommodation expenses are not covered by ViS 2017.


    1. Who can apply for scholarships?
      Only Max Planck PhD students, that have already registered, or will register by the end of the deadline to the Conference and/or the Career Fair.
    2. Which scholarships can I apply for this year?
      1. Travel scholarships, of up to 200€, are available for the Career Fair
      2. Full scholarships, covering the registration fees plus up to 200€ for travel, are available for the ViS 2017 Conference
    3. Which documents should accompany my scholarship application?
      Your application should include an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and a short motivation letter (600 words), both in PDF format.
    4. Where should I submit my scholarship application?
      Please send your application to visions@phdnet.de.
    5. When is the last possible time to submit my scholarship application?
      You can apply for financial support until 23:59 PM on 18.09.2017.
    6. When will I get to know if I will get a scholarship?
      We will inform all applicants on 22.09.2017 about the status of their application.
    7. Do I need to register in advance if I am applying for a scholarship?
      Yes. You still have to register. The registration fees will later on be covered by us, and you or your Max Planck Institute will not be charged.
    8. Do I need to arrange the travel by myself?
      Yes. Please make sure to book your travel to and from Berlin. You will be reimbursed for those after the conference. Don't forget to keep all the receipts. If travelling by plane or train, make sure to travel in economy class, and that the total amount is under 200€.