29.09.2017 - 01.10.2017

Harnack-Haus, Berlin


The "Visions in Science" Conference Series

"Visions in Science" is the annual interdisciplinary Scientific Event organized by members of the Max Planck PhDnet, the communication network for PhD Students of the Max Planck Society. The conference is open to all Junior Scientists of the Max Planck Society, as well as of other university and non-university institutions.

Our aim is to foster exchange, collaboration and inspiration and encourage visionary thinking, which is essential for ground-breaking research. By inviting leading scientists and innovative companies, we create a stimulating atmosphere where young researchers can network, discuss their visionary ideas and start a dialogue about the future of science.

We identify "Visions" as a deep source of motivation which can trigger inspiration and change. "Visions in Science" is a conference which provides room to think beyond your individual scientific expertise by supporting cross-disciplinary exchange. It is an opportunity to connect curious minds that care about the future, to promote mutual understand and to allow visions to emerge.


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As scientists, we often deal with very specific problems and it can be easy to forget the global picture and other perspectives on a given topic. However, the complexity of many modern problems, like the increasing effects of humanity on our planet, requires a multi-disciplinary approach that benefits from the experience of different areas of natural and social sciences. Such a cooperation also carries new thoughts to the individual fields, expanding their horizons. In this spirit, this year’s “Visions in Science” conference brings together researchers from various fields to “Discover New Perspectives”.

A special focus will be on changes: from the current drift in climate, via DNA recombination as the motor of evolution, to abrupt changes in political systems after elections; they all lie at the very heart of the research in numerous systems across all scales. Even the sciences themselves are subject to changes through fundamentally new theories, methods and technologies.

The “Visions in Science" in 2017 aims to provoke interdisciplinary discussions on varied concepts of fundamental changes and their consequences. By inviting speakers from diverse backgrounds and promoting exchange between different disciplines, we want to enable participants to renew their perspectives both on the bigger picture of science as a whole and on the importance of their own work in the larger scientific context. We hope to encourage new ideas and joint efforts that go beyond the classical frontiers of just one area of research.