29.09.2017 - 01.10.2017

Harnack-Haus, Berlin

Program Highlights

Inspiring Talks

We invite distinguished scientists to talk about their interdisciplinary success in research. By presenting their cutting edge results and sharing how they learned from different, but connected fields, we encourage them to discuss their visionary ideas with the participants and start a dialogue about the future of science. We aim for speakers who span the whole range of fields which are represented in the Max Planck Society - from Humanities and Social Sciences to Natural Sciences and Life Sciences.

We ask our speakers to show how they combined disciplines through a methodological, conceptual or even staff linkage, i.e. who build branches in different disciplines, thereby, connecting them and create an additional value in the scientific environment and for our society.


Science and Society Session

This year’s “Visions in Science” conference features a special session called “Science and Society”, supported by the Schering Stiftung and consisting of two blocks. The first block will be devoted to “Climate Change and Society” while the second block will be devoted to “Open Science and Science Communication.” Each block will consist of an opening talk and a panel discussion with panelists representing several different perspectives on the subject. The goal is to encourage a lively exchange between senior scientists, societal representatives and young researchers on the implications and future of these two areas.


Poster Session

Participants who want to share their research with other senior and young fellows in a more traditional way than the Science Slam are invited to bring a poster that will be displayed during the whole conference. Discussions around the posters can take place during the coffee breaks or the dedicated Poster Session. The best 3 posters will win an Amazon voucher.


PhD Science Slam

Slam, convince and win!
We all know it! Working in science means to first convince yourself and then others, be it for the sake of truth, publishing or funding.
If one is skilled in proving the value of one's own research to the right people, many doors open up. Therefore, use this chance to practice how to inspire the audience and promote your PhD Project or another scientific idea you are passionate about.
Show to the conference attendees why your project (or chosen topic) is important, significant, different or simply awesome. The idea is to convey a single, specific message while staying general enough for someone with a psychology or physics or biology background to get your point. The best 3 PhD Slam presentations will win an Amazon voucher! And above all, it will be a lot of fun!


- Free choice of media: hand & foot; chalk talk; electronic slides (PowerPoint, Keynote) etc.;

- Time: 5 min Slam Talk

- Prize money sponsored by Faculty of 1000: Winner: 250 Euro, Second Best: 150 Euro; Third Best: 100 Euro

Find general information about Science Slams here (deutsch) and here (english).
Also check out Youtube for Science Slam.


Exhibition and Company Presentations

Our main Sponsors will introduce their companies and will be available for discussions about the work and life in their flourishing companies.


Social Event

We will organize a Party as the closing ceremony for Saturday night. So be prepared to leave in a good mood on Sunday!