Welcome to "Think the Unthinkable -
A conference for PhD Students and Junior Scientists of the Max Planck Society"

Come and join us for a different kind of conference!

We would like to invite you to this year's interdisciplinary "Visions in Science" conference organized for the PhD students and young researchers of the Max Planck Society.

Six eminent scientists from the disciplines of Neuroscience, Molecular Sensory Systems, Nano Optics, Computer Science, Economics and the Science of Complex Systems will present their personal "vision" for how their field of research is going to develop in the future. They will put special emphasis on possible interdisciplinary aspects and possible points of intersection with other disciplines in science. Take a look here for this year's list of speakers!

In addition to the invited talks there will be smaller discussion groups organised with the speakers, where you can discuss and develop ideas in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere. In between the program you will have plenty of time to get to know like-minded PhD students from other MPIs and spend some fun time together! Due to our generous sponsors, there will only be a very modest conference fee of 20 in which the conference dinner and all coffee breaks will be included!

The whole conference is organised in such a way as to allow the participants to put their own research into a broader context and in this way to be inspired and develop their own "visions" in science.

The conference will take place at the Max-Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, Germany from the 26th to the 28th of September 2012.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bremen this September!

Your PhDNet organisation team